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The Colorful History of Slot Machines for Better Play

Gambling has been around for centuries although in varying forms that have constantly evolved as time passed. Slot machines are relatively new in the world of gambling but this doesn't mean that it hasn't gone through changes and that it has no history.

The earliest slot dates back to 1870 although the very first slot machine was developed only in 1894 by Charles Fey. Although Fey's slot machine wasn't the first of its kind, fey is nonetheless considered the Father of the Slots.

The history of slot takes to 1874 in Germany where Fey was born and raised until he moved to America. Like most immigrants of his time, Fey decided to settle in New Jersey before making his way west to sunny California. Diagnosed with a fatal illness and given a time frame to live, Fey defied the odds and forever changed the history of slot and gambling.

History of slot then progresses a year after and in 1895 Fey came up with the very first slot machine. The influence Fey had throughout the history of slot can still be seen even in slot machines of today. Because of Fey's love for everything mechanical, Fey created the very first slot machine.

History of slot can be divided into three colorful eras. The history of slot machines tells us that the first of this era is what is known as the Mechanical Era and this was when the first 3-reel slot machine was born, in Fey's basement. Fey then rented out his slot machines.

The 2nd colorful era in the history of slot is the Electromechanical Era which occurred during the mid-twentieth century. It was during this time that Big Bertha was released and was later replaced by Super Big Bertha. Super Big Bertha was a big improvement of its predecessor slot machine because it had 8 reels and needed a five horsepower motor. The symbols on this slot machine also increased to 20.

The final era in the history of slot is the Computerized Era and the similarity of this to the slots we know is remarkable. The Computerized Era saw slot machines relying on random number generators to produce the symbols on the reels that we see. Nowadays as more slot machines take bills instead of coins and the introduction of video as a form of simulation of the years, it is said that we are now moving towards the Coinless Era.