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Playing Slot Machines Online

If you want to play slot machines without leaving your home, try your luck at online slots. Beyond registration and software download, there isn't much computer knowledge required. You just need to understand the slots games, how to play them and where to play and win money.

Casino Software

Perhaps one of the most surprising things you will notice about online casinos is that their software all look the same! Why? Well, that's because they are!

You see, online casinos don't spend their budget making their own gaming software. Instead they buy programs from game manufacturers. You will hear names like Microgaming, PlayTech and Real Time Gaming. It's just the names of the casinos that change. Why reinvent the wheel, or should we say the reel? (Makes you wonder how easy it must be to set up your own casino web site, doesn't it?)

Note that some casino software are no-download types. They play right in your browser. Make sure it is compatible with your system. Also, you will have to register online with your name, e-mail address and other info needed for your account. Make sure the casino accepts players from your country too.

Online Slot Games

Just which slots game should you play? There are so many of them but here are a few things to consider when you shop for a slot machine online.

The slots with the best payouts are often those with small wagers. If you are going to play on a regular machine, it is better to play minimum denomination. But if you are going to bet higher amounts, you might as well try your luck at the progressive slots. As with physical slots, make sure you understand the pay table and jackpot requirements.

Some online slots are known as multipliers. These are slots that have payouts based on the number of coins you play, as well as payouts for the symbols you get. There are also bonus multipliers which give players are incentive for betting more coins. The jackpot is reserved for bigger bets (and you wonder why they make so much money?!).

Before you play online slots, we suggest you familiarize yourself with slot terminology. Slot glossaries can be found online so this shouldn't be hard. Slots have a solid house advantage so it is easy to lose if you do not know what you are getting into.

Slots Tournaments and Bonuses

Some casino sites offer slot tournaments. Players may or may not be required to deposit money first. Obviously the ones that just ask you to sign up are best. These are "freeroll" tournaments meaning it is free to join. Slots tournaments award those who score the highest during the event. Usually the top players get paid. The fewer players there are, the more chances you have of winning. It is not unlike poker freerolls.

Slot sites may also offer bonus money. In fact, casinos ay prefer to give bonus money to slots players than blackjack players. You can get free money just for signing up, or they may add to your initial deposit. In any case, you get to play for more than you paid for!

This is a general guide to playing slots online. Be careful with your choices and be sure to budget your money. If you do, you will enjoy many hours of entertainment in the best slot sites in the world.