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Slot Machine Rules: Do's And Don'ts

When one feels as if they have mastered the way slots work, they are sorely mistaken. Modern slots are machines that can be upgraded and have their games altered to fit any holiday, theme or promo that the casino has going. It does not mean that if a player is good at winning at small bet machines that they have the same chance of winning in the big bet ones. This is not true. Slots is a game of chance and in this case, the dealer is a computer. The dealer is not someone who is of flesh and blood.

In order to make the best of one's slot games, players should DO the following:

1. Carefully select the type of slots they would like to play. Progressive slots allow a person to play slots in the normal fashion but the coins or credits used in every play is channeled into a gigantic pot that increases with every play. If one has played full or maximum coinage, then once has a chance of winning the entire prize. Progressive play is for people who would like to have the added thrill of being able to have part of their money spent come back to them many times over. In the traditional slots game, there is no money that is channeled into a single pit. One plays the odds for that machine and then gets a small winning in return. Some players who are cautious of how they play just choose to play the small bet machines in case they lose. But by doing so, they hardly get a thrill of playing in the big time stakes.

2. Do choose a machine that has the best odds as compared to its payout. There are some machines that have a large payout but the odds are really against the player. On the other hand, there are slots that have smaller odds but have small payouts. In this case, it really depends on the player what thrill and what game they are looking for. If one would try to have both then one has to try the high stakes game.

On the other side of the fence, players:

1. Don't need to purchase a gaming system in order to get a win. All a system does is eliminate some steps in one's attempt to calculate the odds before play. Using a system is still trial and error but at least there is a glimmer of hope for getting a win and sometimes players desperately look for this edge to make this come true.

2. Don't assume that all myths about slots are true. The most common myth is to to bet on a warm machine than a cold one. While a machine may warm up or heat up, it has nothing to do with the output of the game. A slot machine that was just plugged in gives the same service as a machine that has been playing for hours. All machines have are standard computer chips that randomize the chances for winning just like any other machine on the floor. Myths may have been started to keep the player's intrigue of the game but they only prey on one's superstition and fear of the game.

Players who are genuinely interested in playing must keep in mind that winning requires skill and practice. Only by constant skill can only get better at the game and see the weakness in each game played. The most important thing for a player to do is keep playing and playing.